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Shenzhen Masterbrand Translation Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Masterbrand Translation Co., Ltd. is a large professional translation company registered by the administrative department of industry and commerce, headquartered in Shenzhen, dedicated to providing multilingual solutions for global customers.

●  Our advantages:

Shenzhen Masterbrand Translation Co., Ltd. with more than 10 years of professional translation industry experience, perfect translation process, strict translation quality control standards and after-sales service system, provides high-efficiency and high-quality translation services for customers all over the world. It is well received and favored by customers, and has established a good reputation and reputation. Masterbrand has become one of the leading translation companies in China's translation industry and the world's translation industry.

●  Our customers:

Up to now, Shenzhen Masterbrand Translation Co., Ltd. has provided translation services to more than 2000 companies, enterprises, institutions and individuals. Domestic and global well-known customers include Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, VOLVO, GM, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Bank of China, Lenovo, China Merchants Bank, Huawei, BYD, UFriends Software, China Telecom, China Mobile and other enterprises.

●  Our team:

Shenzhen Masterbrand Translation Co., Ltd. has a professional team of professional translators, including experienced IT editors, typesetting engineers, and customer service experts with rich practice and experience in large-scale translation project management. Our full-time professional translators and part-time professional translators reach nearly 1000 people all over the world. All over the world are our deep capital and professional commitment and assurance to provide our customers with high quality translation services.

●  Our service:
The translation services provided by the company include translation of professional materials in various languages, business escort interpretation, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, software localization, website localization, film and television localization, multimedia translation, desktop typesetting (DTP), software testing, simultaneous interpretation equipment leasing, translation seal authentication and other services, including Chinese and foreign translation. In foreign translation, it involves English translation, Japanese translation, Korean translation, German translation, French translation, Russian translation, Spanish translation, Portuguese translation, Italian, Arabic translation, Dutch translation, Turkish translation, Thai translation, Malay translation, Indonesian translation, Persian translation, Persian translation Language translation, Vietnamese translation, Greek translation, Hindi translation and other world language translation services, covering the industry including electronic telecommunications translation, power machinery translation, legal contract translation, biomedical translation, petrochemical translation, construction engineering translation, financial translation, automobile translation, aviation translation, energy Translation, food translation, clothing translation, cultural and educational translation, literary translation, tourism translation and so on.

●  Our philosophy:
Adhering to the "quality first, integrity first" principle of doing things, to "customer-oriented, service in place" as the business philosophy, integrity, dedication, responsibility, innovation as a business-oriented, will be different from others as an instinct, so that innovation and customer needs, the actual market docking.

●  Our commitment:
Customer-oriented, honest business, talent-oriented is our eternal pursuit and service purpose, not only to provide you with high-quality translation services, but also to enhance your corporate and brand image and create unlimited value.

●  Our vision:

To become a global translation service provider.

Quality management


The duty of translation is heavier than Mount Tai. Each translation is an accurate interpretation of the original text and a vivid dissemination of Chinese and foreign cultures. For translators, the responsibility and emphasis on the translation in the soul is the foundation and premise, and as a translation company, how to explore, train and manage these valuable translators is the eternal pursuit and mission of the translation company.

The process of translation is programmed and standardized, and the integration of project management into the translation industry has become the lifeblood and impetus for the development and progress of translation companies. 

All the employees of Shenzhen Masterbrand translation company are working hard towards this mission.

Advanced project management experience has also become an integral part of Bo's successful experience.

Translation quality control process: 

1、Establishment of order 

Customer cooperation: In the early communication, please clearly and accurately state the purpose of your documents, the requirements for the qualifications of translators and other information, as well as the format, precautions or the provision of fixed professional translation;

Customer Service Commissioner: Customer service commissioner will accurately express your requirements and intentions to the person in charge of project management.

The two sides communicate through interviews, e-mail or telephone, negotiate translation projects and translation requirements, and sign cooperation agreements.

2、Project analysis

After the translation order has been established, the project manager will go through the original text, initially determine the translation style, unify the professional terminology and typesetting format. According to the customer's information, a translation project team is set up, and the members of the project team are given necessary technical guidance and training.

Combined with the advantages of each translator and the speed of translation, a reasonable allocation of translation tasks is made. 

3、Project implementation 

After the establishment of the project translation team, the translation team members will work together to complete the analysis of the manuscript, terminology uniformity, detailed translation plan, and then implement specific translation operations. 

4、Auxiliary coordination 

During the course of the translation project, the Customer Service Commissioner will keep in touch with the clients in order to understand and solve the questions more effectively. 

The project manager coordinates the whole translation, communicates and consults with the interpreter in real time, assists the interpreter to solve all kinds of difficulties and doubts in the translation process, and supervises the implementation of the whole translation process to ensure the quality, efficiency, language style and the consistency of the professional terminology. 

5、Audit and proofreading 

The company has established a strict auditing system. After completing the translation task, the interpreter carries out "self inspection" and "mutual inspection", and then submits to the project manager.

In the end, a professional proofreader of a certain language or profession will be responsible for the final province, modifying and polishing the translation vocabulary so as to achieve the perfection and fluency of translation and reflect the professional standards.

6、Editing and typesetting 

The typesetting department will make final typesetting on text, graphics and forms according to the specific typesetting requirements of the customers. If there are differences in typesetting habits between Chinese and foreign languages, we will communicate and coordinate with customers in advance to ensure that the typesetting of manuscripts is completely standardized.

If customers have printing requirements, we can also provide one-stop typesetting services. 

7、Translation submission

The customer service officer will deliver the finished product to the customer in a convenient way. For large projects, we will provide free delivery service for the same city.

8、Customer feedback

After the translation is submitted, the customer will review it. For questions raised by customers, we will answer in writing or by three party telephone.

We will carefully analyze and revise the opinions and suggestions, and feedback them to the translators in time, so as to improve the overall translation level of the project team for the next cooperation. 

Confidentiality statement 


Shenzhen Masterbrand Translation Company implements a strict confidentiality system, signing a confidentiality agreement with the client before each project starts, and strictly enforcing the confidentiality agreement during the implementation of the translation of manuscripts. If necessary, restrictions on all participants'access to documents related to their work can be adopted to enable the client to do so. The interests are not infringed. 

1、 Commercial secrets 

Business secrets refer to all technical and business information related to customers, including but not limited to the production methods, technologies, processes, data, procedures, design, customer lists, source information, marketing plans, contracts, business decisions and other information, are confidential content. It does not belong to the above contents, but confidential information is also confidential.

2、 Rights of privacy 

Respecting the privacy of customers is the basic principle of providing translation services. We solemnly promise that we will not disclose any personal or corporate information to any third party in any way. We collect your information, only to better contact you, to provide you with quality services. 

3、 Internal confidentiality control

▶  No person involved in a project may directly or indirectly contact any other third party institution or individual concerned with the information of the project. 

▶  No person may disclose any information about this item to anyone. 

▶  Upon completion of the project, all information (the original information provided by the customer and the first draft of the translation) must be returned to the customer.

▶  At the end of the project, all the electronic documents about the project saved by the customer should be deleted completely.

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