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Shenzhen Masterbrand Translation Co., Ltd.


China Shenzhen customer service center

7 x 24 hours service hotline:  

Detailed address:15 floor, international D building, Lily and silver capital, Buji, Longgang, Shenzhen

Nearby subway:  Metro Line 5 "BuJi Railway Station" B exit, Metro Line 3 "BuJi Railway Station" B export

Business customer service


Telephone contact: 0755-83227796
Mail contact: sales@58fanyi.com

Online contact: QQ: 188366951/188366956 /188366958

MSN: szmtrans@hotmail.com
Skype: szmtrans

Job recruitment


Telephone contact:
Mail contact:job@58fanyi.com
Online contact: QQ: 188366351/188366352

MSN: szmtrans@msn.cn

Project development cooperation


Telephone contact:
Mail contact: info@58fanyi.com
Online contact: QQ: 188366952

MSN: szmtrans@live.com

Complaint proposal



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