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Corporate culture


Over the years, Masterbrand, like a ship full of focus and ideals, has been advancing towards the ideal of "excellent translation service providers in the global translation community". Masterbrand translates people to be honest and pragmatic, to create brand by quality, and to win the market by brand.
We always adhering to the "quality first, integrity first" principle of doing things, to "customer-oriented, service in place" as the business philosophy, integrity, dedication, responsibility, innovation as a business-oriented, will be different from others as an instinct, so that innovation and customer needs, the actual market docking.
For the sake of customers, let the works speak. Over the years of integrated services, meticulous, excellence, casting a case after case, let us win the trust of our customers, won recognition and respect from the industry, formed a foothold in South China radiation global business market.
Masterbrand's way of growth is to follow the path of dream voyage. Masterbrand will repay customers, repay employees and repay the society with better service and excellent performance.
Boost the internationalization of enterprises and enhance the brand value of enterprises.

Enterprise spirit


Pragmatism  is a kind of work style, which embodies the concern of Masterbrand, pragmatic, rational and magnanimous.

It requires us:

●  Pay close attention to the foundation, be down-to-earth, advocate practical work, and stress practical results.

●  Pay attention to practice, respect science, be practical and realistic, rational and objective.

●  Be magnanimous, fair and honest.

Professionality is a kind of work attitude, which embodies Bo's interest in lean, efficient and superior.

It requires us:

●  He is proficient in his position, competent, meticulous and meticulous.

●  Love work, devotion, efficiency, quality and innovation.

●  Action learning, continuous progress, transcending self and pursuing superiority.

Synergy  is a kind of organizational capability. It embodies the concern of Bo Xing Xing for teamwork, tolerance and win win.

It requires us:

●  Join the team, be willing to share, trust each other, share weal and woe.

●  Open and tolerant, respect for differences, and treat each other with sincerity.

●  Mutual appreciation, simple and transparent, complementary cooperation, win-win cooperation.

Dedication  is a spiritual realm, reflecting the concern of translation, promotion, devotion, responsibility and passion.

It requires us:

●  Inheriting culture, bearing in mind the mission, loyalty and dedication.

●  The overall situation is the most important. We should be bold in taking the initiative and organizing for the first time.

●  The sun goes up, strives for progress, sets an example, and keeps passion forever.

Products are like mountains, and rivers run like water.  

With you hand in hand, communication is not hindered.