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Document translation should not only be the conversion of source language and target language, but also be an advantage to promote the zero-distance exchange of trade and culture between China and foreign countries. It requires a rigorous and formal use of words, and requires translators to have a deep understanding of the scope of the original text, its professional characteristics and the foreign culture of the target language.
Relying on the development of multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual technical resources, Masterbrand has integrated a number of high-quality translation resources at home and abroad, adopted ISO international standards and the system of process management and quality control in the translation industry, upheld the execution style of "ingenuity, craftsmen, craftsmanship", and provided cost-effective, efficient and stable translation output for customers.
Masterbrand's translation services cover a wide range of industries, including information services, news media, international engineering, biochemical medicine and so on. Masterbrand has its own rich project experience in many multi-lingual and multi-industry.

Brand translation service classification

  • Technical informationAll kinds of engineering and architectural drawings, technical specifications, technical standards and other technical data translation and typesetting services.

  • Mother tongueMore than 1200 long-term professional mother tongue interpreters are on standby to ensure that your translations reach their mother tongue level.

  • International promotionProvide the translation of picture albums, brochures, company or product introductions, websites, news releases, marketing materials and other publicity materials.

  • Manual descriptionThe translation of manual documents such as various specifications, product manuals, product information, installation manuals, operation manuals, safety manuals, maintenance manuals, help documents, etc.

  • Legal contractProvide translation of all kinds of laws and regulations, contract agreements and tenders, with special legal interpreters to ensure rigorous professional.

  • Management ConsultingProvide translation of management consulting documents such as management manuals, management regulations, articles of association, etc.

  • Overseas studentsTo provide translation services for studying and immigrant full data, accumulate a large number of relevant cases, and professionally and efficiently.

  • Academic papersTranslation is done by expert interpreters in corresponding fields to ensure that they reach the publishing level and are controlled by their mother tongue interpreters.

  • Certificate documentsThe translation of all kinds of certificates and certificates, with the translation of special seals, is widely recognized by foreign institutions.

Brand translation language covers

English Russian Japanese Korean
French Arabi cGerman Italian
Spanish Portuguese Turkish Persian
Malay Thai
And other rare languages >
A1 Arabic A2 Assamese A3 Amharic A4 Azerbaija A5 Albanian A6 Estonian
B1 Polish B2 Persian
D1 German D2 Danish
E1 Russian
F1 French F2 Finnish F3 Farsi F4 Flemish
G1 Georgian G2 Gujarati
H1 Korean H2 Dutch H3 Hausa
J1 Czech
K1 Croatian K2 Kurdish
L1 Latin L2 Latvian
M1 Burmese M2 Malay M3 Bengali M4 Macedonian
N1 Nepali N2 Norwegian
P1 Portuguese P2 Panjabi
R2 Japanese R3 Swedish
S1 Sorbian S2 Serbian S3 Slovak S4 Slovenian S5 Swahili
T1 Thai T2 Telugu T3 TamilT4 Turkish T5 Tajik
W1 Uzbek W2 Ukrainian W3 Urdu
X1 Spanish X2 Greek X3 Hebrew X4 Hungarian
Y1 English Y2 Italian Y3 Indonesian Y4 Vietnamese Y5 Armenian

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