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Multi-voice dubbing service

Multi-voice dubbing service

Voice dubbing is a language art. It is a creative work for dubbers to use their voice and language to shape and perfect various vivid and colorful characters behind the screen and in front of the microphone.
After years of development and accumulation, Boyi Xing Translation Company has professional dubbing talents both at home and abroad. The company takes professional quality as the core and dedicated service as the concept. The company will always follow the corporate mission of "spreading good voice and promoting internationalization of enterprises", providing one-stop value-added services of translation and dubbing for customers, and win. All sides applaud.

Common types of localization

  • Video class

    Dubbing, film and TV, dubbing, and dubbing in animation

  • Broadcasting

    Dubbing at railway stations, bus stops and airports

  • Ring tones category

    Group color ring dubbing, background music production

  • Commentary class

    Dubbing of enterprise feature films, architectural animation, engineering bidding commentary, etc.

  • multimedia

    VCD CD commentary, voice recording of Telecom and financial CTI

  • Industrial sound

    Voice recording of anti-theft, alarm, vehicle navigation system

  • Publications

    Audio recording of audio books, model essay reading, electronic teaching courseware, and training software.

  • Teaching class

    English language teaching materials, electronic books, electronic dictionaries, learning machines, voice IC series of voice recording.

Brand dubbing language

English Russian Japanese Korean
French Arabic German Italian
Spanish Portuguese Turkish Persian
Malay Thai
And other rare languages >
A1 Arabic A2 AssameseA3 AmharicA4 AzerbaijaA5 AlbanianA6 Estonian
B1 PolishB2 Persian
D1 GermanD2 Danish
E1 Russian
F1 French F2 Finnish F3 Farsi F4 Flemish
G1 Georgian G2 Gujarati
H1 KoreanH2 Dutch H3 Hausa
J1 Czech
K1 CroatianK2 Kurdish
L1 LatinL2 Latvian
M1 BurmeseM2 Malay M3 Bengali M4 Macedonian
N1 Nepali N2 Norwegian
P1 PortugueseP2 Panjabi
R2 Japanese R3 Swedish
S1 SorbianS2 Serbian S3 Slovak S4 Slovenian S5 Swahili
T1 Thai T2 TeluguT3 TamilT4 Turkish T5 Tajik
W1 Uzbek W2 Ukrainian W3 Urdu
X1 SpanishX2 Greek X3 Hebrew X4 Hungarian
Y1 English Y2 Italian Y3 Indonesian Y4 Vietnamese Y5 Armenian

Brand cooperation important customer

Dubbing trilogy

  • 01

    Early communication, choose duer.

    Online communication / Telephone consultation
    Draft > Sample quotation > Selected dubbing artist

  • 02

    Recording sound, satisfactory payment

    Record confirmation - payment of finished products
    According to the finished product, ensure quality and time.

  • 03

    Completion confirmation, follow up service

    Customer service proofreading > Customer confirmation
    Perfect service, let you duer worry free.

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