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Localization refers to a software production activity that processes a product according to the needs of a particular country or region's language market to satisfy the users'special requirements for language and culture in a particular market. Masterbrand Translation has established its own unique working system in software localization, website localization and document localization.
Localization is part of the product development process, we uphold the concept of customer first, to help customers maximize the goal of global simultaneous distribution, seize the global market.

Common types of localization

  • Software localization

    Software product user interface, online help and translation of related documents Software engineering: compile and adjust the interface dialog box, adjust the format, etc. Software testing: user interface testing and modification, software overall function testing, compatibility testing, usability testing, etc.

  • Website localization

    Localization of web content Database content export and localization Resource file extraction and localization Webpage image localization Optimize and update localized websites

  • Game localization

    Game interface and task description Subtitles of dubbed voice / video, audio / video Information files relating to objects (such as weapons) in games. Map, logo, editing, dialogue with non player characters, help files, tutorials, etc.

  • Media documents Localization

    Recording and dubbing Scripting translation Subtitle translation, production and synthesis Post production and synthesis of audio and video DVD Video localization E-Learning Multimedia localization

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