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  • English translation (Interpretation)
    Working place:   Persons: Unlimited

    Operating duty

    1、Bachelor degree or above. 

    2、Engaged in full-time translation for more than 2 years or in the translation industry for more than 3 years working experience, communication and expression skills, strong adaptability;

    3、Solid language foundation, professional translation skills, fluent spoken language, authentic and professional translation. 

    4、With good sense of service and good professional ethics, it can adapt to short-term business trip.

    5、Have sense of responsibility and sense of time, be able to finish the assigned work on time.


    1、Overseas study or working background is preferred; this part-time translation position is open to all regions (our company carries out interpretation business nationwide); 

    2、At least 3 years working experience in translation, preferably in some field.

    3、Please send your resume to tshfy@126.com (please attach your work photo). Please also indicate the words "apply for * * translation + interpretation" in the theme of the mail.

    4、We will contact you within 3 working days after receiving your resume. Those who do not meet the requirements do not deliver.